The Spirit Inherited from the Beginning

Takasago Industry was established in 1953 as a kiln manufacturer for traditional ceramics such as tableware, tiles and roof tiles. Toki, Japan, where the company was founded, is famous for its local industry “Yakimono (pottery)”. This area produces the largest amount of potteries in Japan. We had developed in the local community by providing kilns there. Our products are used in various industries besides ceramics now. We still have inherited the spirit from our predecessors. This is why we gain trust from a wide range of customers.

For ceramic industry based on mass production, poor yield and frequent breakdowns of equipment were two of the most critical issues in those days. We developed our own technology, and produced more efficient and durable equipment in order to succeed. You can easily find our kilns still operate perfectly more than 30 years after delivery.

Customer needs are diversifying as the world market constantly changes with great speed. Meanwhile, the spirit inherited from our predecessors will never change.


Insatiable Quest for Manufacturing

Technology related to heating such as “heat treatment”, “firing”, “sintering” and “drying”, are familiar and used in a wide range of industries.

Conventional heat treatment systems cannot satisfy customers with diversified backgrounds. It is essential for us to provide more efficient, time shortening and energy saving products to them.

In order to achieve that, Takasago has systems that can help customers to reach optimal solutions for their needs. One of them is our test facilities, which provide infinite opportunities for customers. Over 300 tests a year makes us accumulate experiences every day.

Our test devices create a test environment, which is closer to actual usage. With more than 20 sets of them, we can arrange experiments with the volume ranging from a few grams to tons. We hope to be a desired company for customers invariably. With a long-term perspective and pursuit of technology, we provide breakthroughs in heat treatment systems.


Prompt Service by Integrated Production System

We offer all-inclusive service from test, development, designing, manufacturing, delivery, supervisory service for installation to maintenance.

We have experts for each profession listed above, and customers are welcome to consult with them anytime. We can even handle unexpected plan changes and problems flexibly and quickly. We assign a small and specialized team to each project. They furnish you with engineering as well as confidence.


Materializing Your Expectation

In these days, requests from customers become more and more sophisticated. Without challenging them and meeting their expectations, we would not be in the position today. Our commitment to manufacturing is sometimes too strong to be considered reasonable. Nevertheless, Takasago has been developed with its determined mind to “contribute to the advancement of manufacturing”.

We are not going to be intimidated by challenges and moving forward to exceed your expectations.

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